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Amoeba Arena

Amoeba Arena

Amoeba Arena brings a fresh energy to the indie scene with their unique blend of twinkly guitar riffs, jazzy chords, and catchy emo hooks. Born from a year of passionate garage songwriting fueled by PBR and American Spirits, the math rock/midwest emo quartet—Grant Meister, Jeremiah Jensen, Brayden Vilendrer, and Colin Singh—emerged through sessions at The Boise Hive. Their independently recorded debut EP showcases a commitment to DIY ethos, capturing the spirit of bands like Joyce Manor, Glocca Morra, and Algernon Cadwallader. A standout performance at Realms Arcade alongside “Awakebutstillinbed” and the buzz around their EP “Absolutely” solidify Amoeba Arena’s place as a local favorite, marking a dynamic presence in Boise’s indie music landscape

Rotten Apple Trees

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Hailing from their hometown of Boise, Idaho, Neocentrics is an indie rock band originally conceived as a solo project by guitarist/vocalist Evan Zurilgen. Constantly working to create an exciting sonic environment, Evan brought on bassist Quinn Carrier, as well as drummer Carsen Cranney and guitarist Demetrius Vargas-Morman, to help bolster up Neocentrics’ robust, energetic, and overall contagious sound. Evan has also worked with a talented roster of other local Boise musicians during his time in Neocentrics.

Neocentrics have been playing shows since April 2019 with big plans and a bright future ahead. The band is about creating an all-enveloping experience. Their mission is to produce “something we not only will be excited for and satisfied with, but to provide that same feeling for our audience when they listen to our music or come to our shows.”

Neocentrics are deeply rooted in their love for music itself, borrowing influence from genres like indie rock and folk,  while also taking note from genres like punk, shoegaze, post-rock, etc. Writing their vigorously flavored songs about “stuff going on” and hardships in their own lives, often pulling from other sources to fill in the gaps.