Joe Vann


Bloomsday is the Brooklyn based project of songwriter Iris James Garrison (they/them). The band self-produced and released their debut LP Place To Land, on Bayonet Records in 2022. Place to Land, which has folk and shoegaze influences, follows Garrison’s experience of isolation while confronting their inner ghosts. The dialogue between the guitars and vocals is intended to convey their internal conversations. Other Bloomsday releases include their single “Jersey Soccer” for Hardly Art’s Anniversary Series, and an alternative version of “Phase” released this year on Bayonet Records. Bloomsday will release their second LP in the coming year.

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Evan Zurilgen

Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Evan Zurilgen is best known for his involvement with the indie rock bands Moon Reservoir and (formerly) Neocentrics. With the occasional solo set, however, Evan aims to mix together covers of artists that he loves, as well as original songs both new and old, ultimately creating a musical goulash that is rife with emotion and honesty, and will leave a lasting impact on whoever will listen.