Jesus Christ Taxi Driver

Somewhere between the violent rock and roll of jon spencer, the sophisticated rhythms of ali farka toure, and the religious disorientation of jean meslier, jesus christ taxi driver makes joyfully irreverent noise. Taking aim at daily banal agonies, and existential uncertainty, the moods shift from meditative to unhinged. The music takes risks. Formed in 2022 on colorado’s front range, they’ve been bringing their wildly disruptive live shows to venues across the country at an incredible pace. Check out their debut LP “Lick My Soul” out now on Daddyrock records.

Rhodes Hull's Magic Band

Rhodes Hull’s Magic Band

Rhodes Hull’s Magic Band is a vibrant musical group hailing from Boise, Idaho, known for their electric fusion of surf rock, psychedelic rock, whimsical rock, and scallywag rock. Their unique sound can be described as a captivating blend of the Beatles’ infectious melodies and the Doors’ enigmatic vibes. From catchy surf guitar licks to mind-bending psychedelic journeys, their music takes you on a captivating ride filled with nostalgia and imaginative storytelling

Red Caroline

Red Caroline

Red Caroline plays blues music for anyone who will give them at least $2