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Some people describe Wet Pet as a pyramid scheme, but that is an unsubstantiated nasty rumor. Due to our out of court settlement we are in no way obligated to admit any wrong doing. Here at Wet Pet headquarters, we abhor terms like “pyramid scheme” to describe our band. We prefer the term “triangle opportunity”.

In Euclidean geometry, any three points, when non-collinear, determine a unique triangle and simultaneously, a unique plane. What does that mean? We have no fucking clue. What we do know is that the 3 vertices that make the Wet Pet triangle are Steve on drums and keys, Hyrum on bass and vocals, and Phil on guitar and vocals.

Those fortunate enough to invest in Wet Pet in the beginning have seen a 10x return on their investment. Shareholders describe Wet Pet’s music as consistent with the tradition of DIY music scene that has emerged from the Pacific Northwest. Overdriven melodies paired with spacious guitar and backed by driving rhythms are balanced out with thoughtful wordplay.

At first listen, Merrell’s sardonic vocal delivery might be interpreted as nihilistic, and at times, you’d be right. “When I go walking through the graveyard at midnight I see a lot of people I’d probably dislike.” However, at other times Wet Pet reflects on love and the absurdity of life that can range from literal to dada-esque.

Plus, you become a platinum member if you bring three friends to our shows that bring three friends.

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Dirt Russell

“Dirt Russell is what happens when a snarling werewolf and a time-traveling resistance fighter from the age of The Great A.I. Uprising have a meetcute in a ghost town under a full moon. This high desert, post punk duo is a combination of Ryan Hondo’s fuzzed-out, savage riffs and Angela Heileson’s merciless, dynamic rhythm. Their battle cry is a fed-up and sometimes sarcastic indictment of modern society’s shortcomings and both Ryan’s wailing lead vocals and Angela’s steely supporting vocals deliver it with ferocity.”

– Dusty Aunan

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Evolving from the solo work of Abraham Pegg (vocals/guitar), Blix was started in August of 2021 at the Manor in Caldwell, ID with members Kizer Burchard (bass/vocals) and Sierra Duarte (drums). The vision of Blix is to reignite the ethos of classic punk rock with music that lives in the past, present, and future


The French Tips

When Rachel Couch, Angela Heileson and Ivy Merrell started The French Tips at the end of 2016, their goal was to learn a few covers to channel their femme fueled rage. What followed was their debut record of crunchy garage rock bangers It’s The Tips. After taking off 2020 to focus on existential angst, they returned to the studio in January. Set to release in 2022, their sophomore album All The Rage carries the torch of dance infused hella riffs that propelled their first record to moderate regional esteem.

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Punk rock. Gock is love. Gock is life.

Plaid Panties

Plaid Panties

Boise’s Riotgrrl trio 🗣️