Started in 2023, Boise, Idaho’s Goodyear Wimps play 2 minute table-saw pop punk songs laced with Beach Boy-esque harmonies.  The lineup is Jared “the great” Herod on drums, Dan Holy on bass, Tyler Skywalker on guitar and Big Brent on vocals.

Dark Matter Horizon


Mylo Bybee

MYLO BYBEE… Is a whirlwind mix of indie, hard-hitting alt rock that comes together in a fiery arrangement of organized chaos. Formed in Boise, Idaho during the pandemic of 2020, their catchy tunes and a “punch you in the face” energetic presence makes you want to cry, cheer, and break something all at once – all very usual lockdown feelings.

“The music sweeps you up into the soundscape with the easy vibes of the opening only to enthrall you with a more upbeat chorus”

– The Other Side Reviews

Early demos have ended up on playlists spanning across hard rock, alternative rock, indie pop and folk

“The vocals sound youthful yet smooth. There’s a sense of optimism and freedom that comes with this track”

– Girl At The Rock Shows blog


DJ Phunktion