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Kaixo! Amuma Says No represents the heart and soul of Basque music in America today. The band brings together the best of traditional trikitixa–a duo of accordion and tambourine–with a modern rhythm section and songs sung in euskara. Based in Boise, home of one of the largest communities of Basques outside their home provinces along the French and Spanish Pyrenees, Amuma Says No’s sound is energetic, exciting, contemporary and unique, like the Basques. Jill Aldape, Dan Ansotegui, Sean Uranga Aucutt and Spencer Basterrechea Martin (Now the Director of Athletic Bands at the University of Idaho), the founders, are second and third generation Amerikanuak. They grew up dancing with the Oinkari Basque Dancers and listening to Basque artists like Jimmy Jausoro and Domingo Ansotegui. Joined by Rod Wray, Micah Deffries, and David Gluck Amuma Says No carries on this timeless traditional repertory by presenting it with a touch of twenty-first century rock, pop and jazz. Be ready to hit the dance floor with Amuma Says No, a band of Basque dancers/musicians who merge tradition with innovation and can make anyone rock to a jota. Aupa!