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“as many people as possible should be exposed to the earcrushing delight that is Gaytheist” -Portland Mercury

“Your mom, your daddy, and that one person you like from the grocery store? They’re all gaytheists. Oh, and you are too for that matter.” -Vice

“They are the musical version of Shark Week, a super predator hidden by deceptively calm waters.”

“the air of the 80’s hardcore explosion, fused with chunky riffs adopted from modern hardcore, accompanied by singing styles that range from beautifully clean blasts to trashy, throat-tearing screams. The tonal quality of both the bass and guitar are perfectly dialed in, and share the weight of the fuzzy doom corralled by the thunderous, and ably-placed percussive whacks. Lyrically, this album is a true delectation.” -Seattle Music Insider

“Jesus, Gaytheist. You’ve rendered me speechless. From touching lyrics, “Fuck sex, let’s dance and call it romance” to “They tied a steak to his balls, then they fed it to the dogs” we have a rarity of audible vocals yelling and telling over some of the most creative shred I’ve ever heard out of Portland.” -The Seattle Passive-Aggressive

“Quirky vocal theatrics and odd-ball lyrics (see “Post-Apocalyptic Lawsuit”) that together sound like a heck of a lot of fun. Catch these dudes at a Romney/Ryan rally near you!” -Metal Sucks

“Jesus fuck a walrus, this band is amazing.” -American Aftermath

“Gaytheist is a trio that rips rock music apart like a paper shredder, and does so with infectious and gleeful abandon.” -Willamette Week


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Dirt Russell

“Dirt Russell is what happens when a snarling werewolf and a time-traveling resistance fighter from the age of The Great A.I. Uprising have a meetcute in a ghost town under a full moon. This high desert, post punk duo is a combination of Ryan Hondo’s fuzzed-out, savage riffs and Angela Heileson’s merciless, dynamic rhythm. Their battle cry is a fed-up and sometimes sarcastic indictment of modern society’s shortcomings and both Ryan’s wailing lead vocals and Angela’s steely supporting vocals deliver it with ferocity.”

– Dusty Aunan