Freeman DeJongh is a folk and western songwriter who lives in the mountains of Idaho. The sounds and stories he arranges into harmonies and songs are reflections of the natural spaces within and around him. Freeman is a multi-instrumentalist whose curiosity is focused on interweaving the eerie silver sounds of his pedal steel guitar, the electric sparkles of stratocasters, the wooden hums of old time acoustics with the atmospheric drones of synthesizers. Freeman’s voice comes softly from the heart and he sings to share all of his love and sadness with you. The music he creates roams freely between many traditions of American music including folk, jazz, psychedelic and country and western.

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Jesse Blake Rundle

Jesse Blake Rundle writes songs and scores films from his home in Boise, Idaho. His sophomore album, “Next Town’s Trees,” (March 2023) is a deeply personal collection of songs reflecting significant life changes – coming out as queer, departing from religious ties, and embracing sobriety. The album was quickly followed by the Artifacts of Water EP, released by Doe Records (Portland, OR) in October 2023. On the stage, a four-piece band – Mike Harris on clarinet, Thomas Paul on guitar, and David Kelly on drums – breathes fresh life into the songs with new arrangements.