Cassandra Lewis

Nashville- based singer/songwriter Cassandra Lewis offers a cosmic blend of classic country, Americana, and psychedelic soul on her debut album Always, All Ways. She’ll call you into her journey of self-discovery, addiction, love affairs, and a fever dream of in-betweens. Think Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, and Etta Woods at Woodstock ’69, then sprinkle it with something otherworldly. Lewis says, “When people ask, I just tell them I create Cosmic Americana. Dolly Parton on acid. Janis Joplin on Jesus. I think people are starting to get what that means. I’ve always been deeply rooted in classic country western, the blues, soul, and psychedelic rock.” Her massive voice, real talk, and wild storyteller’s wit will leave you feeling raw and reeling in the dreamiest way.


St. Terrible

St. Terrible is a musician and performance artist based out of Boise, Idaho. Ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre, his work is eclectic and ever changing in it’s sound, form and presentation.

The Gospel of Nothingness was created by St. Terrible in 2015. Working in collaboration with a large cast of artists specializing in everything from music to dance to set design, The Gospel of Nothingness is an immersive experience that incorporates elements from a wide range of arts and music to create a unique and expansive world that is always changing and endless in it’s stories.

“St. Terrible, a Boise, Idaho-based self-dubbed “freak folk” artist, has been, knowingly or not, spreading his own Gospel of Nothingness that not only taps into these Buddhist themes, but celebrates them with a jubilance. Mixing the joyfulness of a sermon, religious iconography, and a transgressive approach to performance itself which seeks too subvert the performer vs. audience dynamic, St. Terrible and the Gospel of Nothingness have created an expansive and embracing experience that is vital and vibrant.” – Lex Voight, LA Music Blog



Wend began as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Riley Johnson, with a harp and vocals ran through an array of effects pedals to create a spacious, ethereal psychedelic backdrop. From that starting point it has grown into a full 8 piece ensemble, a combination of a rock band and a string quartet. For this Kin show, WEND will be performing in all its current iterations, from an ambient two piece to a string quartet centric 6 piece to the full 8 person ensemble, with music ranging from collaboratively written psych-prog rock to Johnson’s own emotionally orchestrated compositions, and of course the hypnotic lullabies for which the band is known best. As one YouTube user said, “I feel like I just dropped acid at a Renaissance Fair”