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✨ Join us for September's First Thursday Showcase on September 5th featuring Portland’s And And And along with new local alternative group Cabeza and a new project from Frankie Tillo (of Thick Business, The Dan Franks) Daddy Frank. FREE! ALL AGES! Complimentary food while it lasts. 🎨 Artwork titled ‘The Moment’ from budding local artist Ashley Dreyfus will be featured on the walls; her artwork will remain hung in the lobby for throughout the month. “‘The Moment’ is a small collection of pieces revolving around the idea of being present in the moment. As the world continues to change and grow at a rapid pace, I feel that it is important to stop to enjoy the smaller details in everyday life.”
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Ashley Dreyfus

My name is Ashley Dreyfus. I am a self-taught cartoonist and graphic artist. The whimsical style that I work in reflects on the way I view life every day. My main characters, that I call Alter Egos, live in a world without gender or conformity where they are free to express themselves.

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Cabeza is an allternative rock band in Boise, Idaho. With a heavy mix of guitar, drums, and bass cabeza will squeeze in your eardrums and make you smile 🙂


Frankie Tillo

Somewhere between Elliott Smith, Paul Simon and the DIY punk scene that’s formed over the last twenty years-that’s where you’ll find Frankie Tillo’s music. His album ‘These Songs Will Melt’ will be released by Earth Libraries in 2023.