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Formed in 2020 in the depths of the pandemic, quarantined siblings Austin and Taryn Durry joined forces to make music together for the very first time. In 2021 their careers were launched by their tiktok viral track Who’s Laughing Now. Quickly gaining notoriety on social media and beyond, Durry is poised and ready to take on the music scene with their unique brand of Nostalgic Indie-Rock.

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“brimming indie rock // colorful bedroom pop” Hailing from their hometown of Boise, ID, these flowering kids began to make an impact on the local music scene fresh out of highschool. With their debut EP “Flamingo” ringing through locker laden hallways and gaining serious traction on TikTok and Soundcloud, VEMM realized they have something special. Their lead-single and provincial claim to fame “Speak Up” was picked up by KEXP and thrown into their local rotation as most of the members were still underage. Currently in the studio recording their first album together, VEMM is coasting into a new, fresh period with a positive outlook on their future together. They look forward to embarking on their first tours and are looking into signing with DIY labels around the PNW. <3