Desolation Horse

Desolation Horse makes crunchy, sweet, guitar-driven music rooted in pop in a way that takes the listener somewhere much weirder and wilder than they may immediately realize.  These are confidently eclectic songs, “filled with stream-of-consciousness lyrics and twinkly, lo-fi guitars as expansive as the ocean” (NPR).  Alternately based out of Idaho and Oregon, the band, led by multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Cooper Trail, released their third album, “Biff,” on American Standard Time Records in October 2023.


Frankie Tillo

Somewhere between Elliott Smith, Paul Simon and the DIY punk scene that’s formed over the last twenty years-that’s where you’ll find Frankie Tillo’s music. His album ‘These Songs Will Melt’ will be released by Earth Libraries in 2023.