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CNTS are back!

After a whirlwind of tragedies, both global and personal, guitarist Mike Crain (Dead Cross, Retox, Festival Of Dead Deer), drummer Kevin Avery (Retox, Planet B) and vocalist Matt Cronk (Qui) are back with new guitarist Koko Arabian and bassist Rico Adair and their sophomore release for Ipecac Recordings, Thought And Prayers.

Following the release of their 2019 debut, Cunts, CNTS were able to squeeze in one short tour before the world went on hold. The lockdown was spent recording and plotting, in preparation for future CNTS endeavors. However, all plans would be shelved when Matt Cronk was injurred in a car wreck, resulting in a surgical mishap leaving him with a paralyzed vocal cord, unable to speak, let alone sing. CNTS heavy-heartedly announced their demise. During this period the members of CNTS pursued other projects until winter 2023 when, against the predictions of his doctors, Cronk’s injured vocal cord began to heal and within two months his voice returned. By March CNTS felt confident that they could give it another go.

After gingerly returning to their studio, their first attempt to play again proved fruitful. Reinvigorated by Cronk’s recovery and their new lineup, CNTS spent the rest of the year hard at work on their new record, Thoughts And Prayers, the title inspired by the banality of our collective reaction to crises. With a great deal of inspiration from their recent challenges, CNTS have channeled several years of frustration and hardship into a well articulated and aggressive statement. Songs such as “Smart Mouth,” and “Thoughts And Prayers,” chronicle Cronk’s pain and anger throughout his various injuries and subsequent recovery. “I Don’t Work For You,” and “Eating You Alive,” deal with the inequity inherent in modern life. “For A Good Time (Don’t Call Her)” is a screed about the age-old theme of fighting with one’s romantic partner.

Thought And Prayers is scheduled for release March 29, 2024, with extensive touring and world domination to follow shortly thereafter.

Image 50789121

The Kronk Men

What can be said about The Kronk Men? The Kronk Men are a rare breed of mystery, a kamikaze of self taught expression!

Throughout the past 25 years they have labored and toiled in a state of complete obscurity, naturally enhanced by the bleak surroundings and desolate landscape known as central Oregon. A lifetime altercation with this isolated and culturally devoid wasteland has afflicted the imagination of Jake Spece (guitar), Dirk Spece (bass), and Charlie Cook (drums) producing fascinating results.

Intensity has not been lost to the past! Watch the band sweat as it churns and taunts its audience. Absorb the manic grin of the flailing drummer as he smashes in time providing a foundation while simultaneously accenting with melodic flourishes. Witness the purpose and determination of the Spece brothers notes intertwined by DNA, passion, and disdain. If you melted these three minds in a stove pot, what a delicious meal for the psyche you would have!

-Fred “HagSin” Dawson