Cat Clyde is a singer/songwriter based out of rural Ontario, Canada. A combination of driven, soulful blues and sweet, folk-tinged, dulcet tones that carry a particular sense of familiarity provide the structure on which she creates her unique sound.

Cat Clyde’s 3rd album Down Rounder is a wonder of deeply felt songwriting, a record that finds the Canadian singer-songwriter marveling at what’s around her while considering her own place within it all. She joined producer Tony Berg in Los Angeles’ famed Sound City studios to lay down the entirety of Down Rounder in six days flat. The record sounds both lively and lived-in, with Clyde’s malleable singing voice—spanning an appealing twang to a lovely, plaintive croon and anywhere in between—espousing an essential connection between our spiritual center and the natural world that surrounds us.

“The album is an exploration and expression of self, patterns in the natural and unnatural world, connecting to nature, the turning wheel of life, shedding old selves, embracing new selves, and the ever changing, expanding and contracting nature of love and life,” Cat explains.

After racking up millions of streams across multiple platforms with previous releases, Down Rounder sounds like the work of someone who’s found themselves artistically and holistically, while extending a hand to any listener who wants to follow Clyde on her singular and thrilling path.

Joe Abbott

Joe Abbott

Joe Abbott is a music guy. he writes pretty good songs and sings them the best that he can.

As a song writer and band leader, Joe presents heartfelt and melodic numbers largely in the folk/trad/country style, or what is now called Americana. Always keen to share a bit of street corner wit and good humour, singing with a wink and a smile, Joey’s a young gun to watch out for on the Canadian alt-country scene. Joe Abbott works and records with the Montreal based indie label Baby Horse Records.