Andy O & Axiom
The dynamic duo Andy O. & Axiom Tha Wyze have been mastering a high energy boom bap performance with heart and passion with the likeness of legends. The Northwest duo bring a unique Hip Hop show with energetic sounds that will get you out of your seat, but also give us something more introspective causing us to look inward. These two take pride in their craft and it shows in their stage presence, don’t miss out.
All Star Opera Neurolux Boise

All Star Opera



Seattle-based group bestowed with the talent and vibes to create soul-stirring music and art for the benefit of the people. 

A social, communal, and political movement based on spreading love and peace.


All Star Opera is a buzz. A vibe. A movement. They are dank, effervescent, transcendent, nebulous. They are, in a word, different. They are Seattle, but they come by way of the Universe.

Drawing influences from artists as varied as The Grateful Dead to works like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to authors like Neil Gaiman, this hip-hop/soul/funk sextet cannot be defined. Led by two emcees and backed by four of the funkiest friends you could have, they function as an ego-less confluence of ideas and splendor, bent on tequila and tenacity, good green and goodwill. Born of the need to install a creative compassion within their community, All Star Opera strives to combine social consciousness with sumptuous candidity.

Bestowed with the talent and vibes to create soul-stirring music and art for the benefit of the people, All Star Opera is a social, communal, and political movement based on spreading love and peace. ASO functions to create and share music that can impact individuals lives and make them smile, help them in a hard time or just make them dance and remind them they are alive and that life is beautiful. The responsibility of the band is to make the music that is the truest to themselves, and do something with the platform that they stand upon, without spreading a toxic narrative, but keeping it on the level at all times. No bullshi*t, just life shi!t.

Having played events like the Seattle World Tour to raise money for Mary’s Place, to the Oregon Country Fair, to Treefort Music Festival the band has traveled a ton – and can’t wait to get back on the road. The back and forth of giving energy is the driving force behind the band’s every movement. To top it off, All Star Opera was voted Seattle Weekly’s ‘Best Band in Seattle’ 2017. But their eyes are firmly on the future.

So, come vibe with us. Dance. Nod your head. Or fold your arms and stand in the corner. Experience what it feels like to high five an extraterrestrial hand with six fingers.


Sus Press Photoo


Seattle, WA-based alternative hip-hop outfit Sus makes expansive music that straddles the line of between indie rock, neo-soul, and hip hop. Members Jesse Desean (Lead Vocalist), Andy Savoie (producer/drums), Tay Lorence (producer/guitar), and Andrew Imanaka (producer/bass) each bring a diverse style and blend to create unique soundscapes. Their recent EP, You Over There, exhibits the bands growth throughout a 3 year span and is a glimpse into what the future will sound like for this eclectic ensemble.

Madisun Proof

Madisun Proof

Madisun Proof has made influential moves around the local Boise scene. Well-accomplished as a recording artist and performer, this 208 them-cee expresses a conscious rap-style with hints of soul and jazz. Musical influences include Atmosphere, Amy Winehouse, Reverie, Chaka Khan, & the most educated, Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Active as a local in the Boise music scene, they have shared stages with influential acts such as Rapsody, Grieves, Oddisee, and Sh8peshifter. Holding a streak of 4-Time returning artist at Treefort and Boise Music Festivals, they understand the relationship between an artist and their community.

In the process of creating their first exclusive album, Transparent, Madisun explored inner workings of identity and emotion. Conceptualizing it for all to hear, the album acts as a message of reflection, crying out for understanding in a fast-paced world that has no time for it. After its release, Madisun shifted their efforts away from focus the of self towards the co-creation of collaborative group THEM. with Lyricallashea and Natalie Grace, with support of Anté, their grand master Disk Jockey.