Analog Dog
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Analog Dog makes genre fluid music in the strangest city in America- San Francisco, USA. Hailing from all corners of the country, the band came together in and around the hallowed musical breeding grounds of Golden Gate Park, with an intention of breaking free from the modern malaise and transcending the internet. Honoring the vibrations of the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s with big guitar-driven hooks and stacked vocal harmonies, while simultaneously embracing modern indie pop / nu-disco / jazz fusion soundscapes, Analog Dog is it’s own thing.

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McKenna Esteb

McKenna grew up in Snoqualmie WA, where her love for music began, performing in talent shows, at coffee shops and restaurant around the greater Seattle area. Throughout her career she has called both Austin, TX and Boise, ID (where she currently resides) home.

Her vocal style is heavily influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Amy Winehouse. The roots of her music have soul and funk influences mixed into a nice cocktail of pop/modern rock. With songs ranging from “cry in the bathtub w/ a pint of Ben & Jerry’s” to “10 lb’s of sass in a 5 lb bag” she is guaranteed to keep her music vulnerable, fun & keep you on your toes.

Cross Country

Cross Country

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Boise, ID
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