Upinatem formed in Jerome, Idaho in 1995. It was Sean (guitar/vox) and his 2 cousins, Andrew (drums) and John (bass). In 1996 they released their first tape, "Cool People Suck." Sean then moved to Alberta and the band went on hiatus. He returned to Idaho in '98 and teamed up w/ John and new members Brady (2nd guit) and Matt (drums). They released the album "Designer Fascist Show" in 2000. After John left, Shannon came in w/ a goddamn fretless bass and the band recorded a demo in 2001 (now known as the self-titled album). Then Shannon and Matt left the band. Pate and Mike were their respective replacements in 2003. In '04 Sean, Brady, Pate and Mike released "The Untimely Demise Of A Once Well Read Nation" on Vegas-based Monkey Ass Records. They embarked on their first tour in '05, hitting Washington, So Cal and Vegas. After Pate quit in '06, Sean switched to bass. The power trio of Sean, Brady and Mike recorded the "Democracide" album on Boise-based 1332 Records in 2008. 1332 also released a live Upinatem CD titled "Same Songs Only Shittier." The live album includes a 2nd guitar played by our pal Kevin who played w/ us off and on from 2005-10 even though he never appeared on a studio album. In 2010 Russ came in to replace Kevin, resulting in the current lineup of Sean (bass/vox), Brady (guit), Mike (drums/vox) and Russ (guit/vox). In short order they recorded a 5-song demo and hit the road in 2011, playing legit shows in Washington and B.C. In 2015 Upinatem celebrated 20 years of existence with newest and best album "Groundhog Years" released by Wavepop Records. This was followed by a west coast tour in August. In 2016 Upinatem is somehow still a band! You'll be hearing from us.