In this day and age, there are very few artists who stare their scene in the face and ignore all of its expectations. Trench explores uncharted territory with their bold sonic signature, brooding aura, and a penchant to wage an all-out war with their music.  Setting the bar high with their debut record "Condition"(2017), Trench paved themselves a notably unique lane in both hardcore and nu-metal genres. Not stopping there and taking their sound to even further extremes, "The Gift of Guilt"(2019) was a testament to Trench's ability to reinvent themselves with each release. The 3 song behemoth experimented with synthesis, ambient post-metal soundscapes, and captured the pain of loss while embracing the hardest truths in life.  Throughout these two releases, Trench's unrelenting aggression and extensive touring brought them international recognition, and has allowed them to share the stage with bands such as Misery Signals, Integrity, Harm's Way, and Comeback Kid. Blending their previous styles with far more avant-garde song arrangements, Trench takes us to a place where we are left contemplating our inner demons, trapped under the weight of our absence in the present moment.