Tremours Shrine Boise
TREMOURS formed in Los Angeles in 2021 by the duo of Lauren Andino and Glenn Fryatt. Late night jam sessions in the midst of lockdown uncertainty slowly transformed into TREMOURS creative partnership, driven by the tension between Andino’s hazy, drifting guitars and Fryatt’s urgent, pulsating drums. South Carolina-born Andino plays with L.A. Witch and most recently LSD And The Search For God as a touring guitarist and vocalist. Fryatt hails from Portsmouth, England, and has toured as a drummer for artists such as Cherubs, The Montrose Avenue and Ten Benson. TREMOURS sees them each newly harnessing and exploring their own creative impulses, inspired by everything from shoegaze to jazz to electronica to literature to looking out at the sea. “Most of our songs center around loneliness. Not necessarily sadness, but the comfort that you can find in being lonely,” says Andino. “It’s when I feel most calm.”