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𝘛𝘕𝘠𝘎 is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer whose style-bending music is an impactful presence.

Releasing his first studio album, "The Balance II" (TBII) exclusively found on his website and by physical CD.

His journey wasn't paved with gold, but that didn't matter. He made the best of it, and his parents did what they could.

He expressed interest in the creative arts at an early age. Like many musicians before him, music became his oasis.
A place he could focus on while the world around him experienced valley lows.

Recession, violence, divorce. He could create and live in his own world, one filled with Mountain highs.

Freedom, abundance, and self-exploration For TNYG, music is both the shield and the sword,

an anchor and a pair of wings, and finally - a voice.

Business inquiries: management@tnygmusic.com