Tigers on Opium
Tigers On Opium is a hard rock band based out of Portland, OR. The quartet consists of members Juan Carlos Caceres, Nate Wright, Charles Hodge, and Jeanot Lewis-Rolland. They have toured extensively throughout the Western United States having played more than 60 shows on the road in the last year, playing with a wide range of acts such as: Zeke, Pike vs the Automaton, Hippie Death Cult, Cairo Knife Fight, Spirit Mother, Mickey Avalon, Jared James Nichols, 16, Kadabra, Wizzerd, Ealdor Bealu, Witch Ripper, Sorcia, Twin Void, Salem's Bend and many more. Critics have frequently compared the band’s sound to heavy hitters such as Queens of the Stone Age, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Electric Wizard, Torche, Alice in Chains and Refused - and like these bands, Tigers shares a hunger for the exploration of new ideas, while simultaneously staying rooted in what makes all this music timeless... THE RIFF! The result is a dark and dirty psychedelic fuzz that leaves the typical genre conventions in an insalubrious haze. The band has released two EP's and it's now ready to release the debut album on Heavy Psych Sounds.