TEKE::TEKE Neurolux Boise

Psychedelic rock group TEKE::TEKE are intimately familiar with duality, of splitting reality between past and present, complex melodies and hushed interludes, intense action and lingering response. After building their sound through careful assembly of countless splinters of Japanese folk, psychedelia, Brazilian surf rock, and other far-flung touchstones, the Montreal-based seven-piece indulged in and learned from stretching out in free-floating experimentation on the road. Now releasing their sophomore album, Hagata (due June 9th via Kill Rock Stars), TEKE::TEKE move fully in the space between, embracing the power of mythic pairings and identities lived at once. Matching muscly intensity with moments of cloudy meditation—like a world-class high jumper finding bliss at the apex of their leap—the group frame expressive compositions with regal flute, rich horns, ecstatic guitar, and a thumping rhythm section.


"Spitfire songs...frenzied mishmash of guitars, trombone, assorted Japanese instruments, and Kuroki’s singing — guttural, physical shrieks in her native tongue — bears a manic energy that bleeds into even the ballads. ....engaging in a cross-continental musical scramble while flirting with detonation." - The New Yorker

TEKE::TEKE meld a truly unique blend of disparate elements into an immersive cinematic world, rooted in rock music but seeking to traverse much more” - Exclaim

TEKE::TEKE’s style is a fresh and fascinating take on Japanese psych punk.” - Under The Radar



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