Pictureplane has made his name circling the outer limits of pop culture in several mediums. The Brooklyn-based artist's gallery works, shown both in the U.S. and abroad, collide familiar with fringe and hard lines with visceral spatter. His Alien Body clothing line serves up a stylized study of symbology, the occult, and societal decay. And his music—beautiful yet heavy, swirling wild strains of industrial dance, gothic hip-hop, and emotive New Age—treats electronics not as artificial, but as extensions of our analog selves. After a decade thrashing the status quo, Egedy is not only kin to makers of lovely dark music everywhere, but a vital player in the global DIY community. He is a proud outsider, yes, but his tribe is legion and ever-growing. Pictureplane’s music has always explored a delicate tension. The producer born Travis Egedy has made music that exists at the porous borders of darkness and light, noise and melody, agony and ecstasy. With world building and emotion at the project’s core, Pictureplane has become a bellwether in a troubled world, surveying the gloom and straining for reasons to trudge onward. Somehow, he always does.