The fresh Boise-based project, formerly known as The Santucci Brothers and Mungo, is an experience to behold. Mizu is a dynamic ensemble that blends a variety of musical genres and cultural sensations ranging from but not limited to; Contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and Afrobeat. In a way their sound is genre-less and must be experienced to understand. Their entire performance will take you on a journey of emotions, much like a well written cinematic drama. Mizu is comprised of musicians from various parts of the planet. The performance artists, sax, drums, keys, bass, guitar, and multiple vocalists will enchant and excite your soul. The group has performed during Treefort Music Fest, Alive After Five, the Idaho Botanical Gardens, the Reef, Sapphire Room, ASANA, Trinity Hot Springs and more. They are currently releasing live videos from prior events and mixing their freshman album, which will be released digitally and on vinyl this summer.