Low Hum, the kaleidoscopic creation of artist Collin Desha, lives in a Lo-fi meets Hi-fi futurism: a mixture of heavy fuzzed-out riffs, oceanic tranquility, and pop sensibilities, juxtaposed alongside melodious synth and vocals with refreshing punch. Desha, the Hawaiian native, has carved out an impressive niche in the indie rock world with his ability to compose soundscapes with subtle psychedelic arrangements and honeyed, haunting vocals. Since the release of Room to Breathe, his 2019 debut full-length album, Low Hum has garnered praise from tastemakers like NPR, KCRW, Clash and Relix Magazines, with Flood Magazine describing the album as “floating in similar sonic atmospheres as Tame Impala and High Fidelity legends, Beta Band." The new full length album Nonfiction — out now on Last Gang Records— has been building at college radio in recent months. Stand out tracks “Model Me” & “All I Know” showcase Low Hum’s groove forward, low end loving energy.