Karate Riot started out in Boise Idaho May 2020. Influenced by the mid 90s to early 2000s Punk Rock sound, Karate Riot continues to develop a modern twist with melodic Guitar playing by Brock Glaisyer From Boise, Idaho known for his solo project The Boredom Corporation. Vocals/Guitarist Andy Miranda from Victorville Ca who has played in several projects since the early mid nineties such as Born Rivals, Camp Schultz ,Chuck (Back up Basist), The Droogs, Rule Of Thumb, and Poet Sky. Holding Down the fort is Drummer Jason Mackiewicz From Riverside, California known for playing hardcore punk band Sick Sense & Last Ditch Effort who later went on and ioined Bedroom Talk. Bassist Johnny Gregurich from Central California who plays Guitar and Tours with The Forgotten through the late nineties to Present time. Karate Riot will be playing Live soon!