Raised in the cow-ridden outskirts of a Texas city, Grace Gardner is pushing the boundaries of the singer/songwriter genre. Her writing takes on an evocative nature, poignantly penning about her frustrations in relationships, society, and at herself. While her music adopts many of the genre’s characteristics, she’s found inspiration in her parents’ taste in 70s and 80s rock, in the folk roots of her southern upbringing, and in the jazz she was surrounded by while residing in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Her inspirations are eclectic powerhouse women from the 1970s — namely Carole King, Stevie Nicks, and Joni Mitchell. From them came even more of Grace’s inspirations: the works of Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, and KT Tunstall swarmed through her wired earbuds in middle school. As Grace started honing in on her own musical style, finding the intersection between soft rock, indie, and folk, she’s taken even more inspiration from artists like Julien Baker and Lizzy McAlpine.

Grace incorporates more complex instrumentation, taking after her favorite band, Fleetwood Mac. Grace herself can play ten instruments but also weaves orchestral, brass, percussive, and software-based elements into her creations. Along with being a singer, songwriter, and instrument player, Grace is also a producer, music educator, and arranger. She currently resides in Austin, TX, where she eats a breakfast taco every morning on her balcony. 
 contact: gracegardnerinfo@gmail.com