Devon Thompson Neurolux Boise
Born in Los Angeles early this century, Devon Thompson comments that her earliest memory was punching through a pane of glass, to see if she could. Quite successful in this venture, profuse amounts of blood, stitches, parental trauma, and slight fear of her next move meant performance art was already championed. Growing up a pale, emaciated misfit, Devon found her home listening to music. A California child of the sun she was not meant to be. Early Siouxsie, The Animals, The Cramps, Bill Evans and the Beatles permeated her developmental years. By the age of 19 Devon had been playing Los Angeles clubs with her bands for many seasons. Her recordings are thus far lingering with the Bel Canto of Roy Orbison, the delicacy of Harriett Wheeler and the sheer aggression of PJ Harvey. Devon has trimmed her ensemble to the bare essentials for maximum impact. Devoid of pre-records, and modern gimmicks, Devon keeps her songs and show brutally honest in delivery. Bass, Drums and her library of beautiful Guitars allow Devon’s audience to witness the most delicate surgery to primordial amputation of sound in the the same set.