New Orleans brass band-meets-Mardi Gras Indian outfit Cha Wa radiates the energy of the city’s street culture. Their Grammy-nominated album “Spyboy”​ is a modern mix of fiery, toe-tapping sounds​. ​Popmatters​ describes the band as "a grand gumbo of singing, intoxicating rhythms, and deep funk grooves that are impossible to resist.” "Cha Wa, with bass lines played on sousaphone plus trumpet and two trombones, bring the city's brass band tradition to bear. Add sick jazz-funk guitar, and two frontmen in full-beaded holiday regalia, and the result was a portable Mardi Gras Dance Party!" - Rolling Stone "I​’ve seen the future of New Orleans music and its name is Cha Wa." - ​Paste “Cha Wa blends Mardi Gras Indian tradition and modern pop magic.” – ​No Depression

Cha Wa