Q Press Photo 2020 By Allison Greene
Quintron’s solo Mellotron set is in support of the newly released, “EROTOMANAI” EP (Mind Meld / Total Punk). Think Martin Denny Era Exotica with New Orleans swing and more drugs, and you are getting close. Weather Warlock are supporting the LP, “Occulting The Sun” (Third Man Records). You can hear EROTOMANIA here - (https://quintron10.bandcamp.com/releases). Immediately following Quintron’s solo Mellotron set will be WEATHER WARLOCK – a show / installation featuring a musical instrument (invented by Q) that employs sun, rain, wind, temperature, moon, and lightning to affect an F major drone chord with special sonic events occurring at sunrise and sunset. Musically, the live Weather Warlock band sways hard in the “Acid Rock” direction, due mostly to the participation of Aaron Hill (EyeHateGod) and Kunal Prakash (Jeff The Brotherhood). Check out their performance from GONERFEST 11 (https://youtu.be/BjcYwbQMq3k).

Solo Mellotron