Psychic Rites

Psychic Rites

Formed of equal parts creation and desolation, Psychic Rites' brand of dark and sugary dance pop pierces through the alt-country air and folk saturated rolling hills of northern Idaho with a sense of urgency and frenetic freshness.

The outcome is a seamless,infectious blend of romanticized intellectual independence and the electro-sex sounds of bands like The Knife, Goblin, and Giorgio Moroder.

Their local house shows in the basements of rural Moscow, ID regularly fill to capacity with people who care to dance. The sound is sexy. It's young. It's smart. When listening, it provides the opportunity to feel as if investing in a smoke machine and the complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche (or, at the very least, a case of Red Bull and some glow sticks) and hosting a makeout party is a reasonable idea. They're your first trip abroad. They are Berlin, with a hint of Italian euro-trash. They are your next favorite band.


“Psychic Rites is hands down the most exciting band this year.”/ Mishka NYC

"Psychic Rites are a super gothy synthpop cult from Moscow, ID, which is just on the Washington border, and used to be called “Hog Heaven” but then “five men in the area met to choose a proper name for the town, but could not come to agreement. The postmaster Samuel Neff then completed the official papers for the town and selected the name Moscow. Interestingly, Neff was born in Moscow, Pennsylvania and later moved to Moscow, Iowa.” /Silent Shout

“It plays out in an electric orchestra of sound that is engaging, both for body and mind. Because while the element of darkness is present, it doesn’t take away from the other aim of Psychic Rites’ music — getting people to dance.”/ the Inlander

“one of our favorite bands to come out of the Palouse”/ the Inlander

“It’s sexy, forlorn, and folkloric, but totally Northwest American. Perfect for a chilly springtime night.”/ Buffablog

“Ritualistic dance becomes the expression of the liturgical rite of fulfillment, casting a spell with sinuous micro-pitched sounds.”/ Sounds Behind the Corner (Translated from Italian)

“brilliantly produced, dark, droning, electro synth pop with great vocals and great song structures”/ Fokkawolfe