ISKA DHAAF taken from Somali, translated roughly to “let it go”

In 2011 Nathan Quiroga (Mad Rad, Buffalo Madonna) and Benjamin Verdoes (Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) left their respective Seattle-based projects behind and began collaboration on Iska Dhaaf. The band was quickly embraced for their engaging live shows, and for creating the sound of a full band by way of two people. Together as songwriters they have steadily explored production, instrumentation, and an ever-expanding narrative voice.

After the release of their debut, 'Even the Sun Will Burn', they toured across North America, Western Europe, relocated to New York, and most recently wrote and performed in Paris and Berlin. Their latest album, 'The Wanting Creature', sees the duo emerging as producers, experimenters and genre-bending artists. The new songs show an ongoing devotion to lyrical depth and composition, and the album more fully utilizes their diverse musical backgrounds.

All songs written & performed by Nathan Quiroga & Benjamin Verdoes

Iska Dhaaf is deeply involved in the creation of their videos


"Iska Dhaaf knows a thing or two about hooks." / CLASH

"Invisible Cities sounds straight out of Sonic Youth’s collective brain; sent through a meat grinder full of nu-metal, surf rock, and futuristic synth." / NOISEY

"Invisible Cities exudes danger, angst, and creativity. You owe it to yourself to listen, multiple times, with good headphones." / INDIE SHUFFLE

"'Lost’ is another of their flawless musical coherence, made of fluid vocal melody upon tastefully urgent and dark electronic bliss." / FAME MAGAZINE

"'Lost’ is cool bit of blissed-out dark pop with a slightly menacing undercurrent (that distorted synth bass gives the song a cool sinister edge) fortified on very strong hook-driven writing." / BLAHBLAHBLAHSCIENCE

"Iska Dhaaf’s Even the Sun Will Burn comes in at #2 on the Top Seattle Albums of 2014." / THE STRANGER