Genders is a fuzzed-out, dream pop band from Portland, OR. Their most recent release, an EP entitled Phone Home, showcases a darker, moodier side of the band than that found on their debut LP, Get Lost.

Written and arranged after a rather turbulent time in their personal lives (your late twenties can be ROUGH), even the cheerful sounding single, 'Life Is But A Dream' harbors sinister intentions.

Since the release of 'Phone Home' the three friends known collectively as Genders --Maggie Morris (guitar/vocals) Stephen Leisy (guitar/vocals) and Katherine Paul (Drums/vocals)--have completed a west coast tour supporting experimental wizards The Helio Sequence, played several dates with indie rock legends/face melters Built To Spill, headlined their own west coast tour, and currently, are hard at work writing their as-of-yet untitled sophomore LP. Look for Genders out on the road across The U.S. and Canada in 2017--their wanderlust is palpable.


"Halfway between J. Mascis and JAMC, {Gender’s 'Never Belonged to You' has} one of the year’s most delectable licks, and the band does well to support it with wave-crashing drums and thudding bass, making it unusually soaring for a kiss-off anthem." / SPIN

"“Life Is But A Dream” sounds like a cross between an 80’s synth masterpiece and slow surf pop" / IMPOSE

"Genders utilise the aura of many bands before to create a sound that’s incredibly comprehensive, and impossible to get bored of."HIDDEN HERD

"Easily one of the most enjoyable and catchy bands in Portland" / APES ON TAPE

"Genders make furry, expansive rock that’s cozier than your favorite sweater; they’re responsible for one of the best live shows in town" / PORTLAND MERCURY

"Their EP is excellent…sparkly, buoyant, and forlorn" / PORTLAND MERCURY

"Strikes a balance between pop and harder-edged rock, past and present, light and dark" / WILLAMETTE WEEK

"Genders recently released self-titled EP is a paradigm of efficient success" / SSG MUSIC

"They cannot be stopped. .. steadily winning over and inspiring everyone around them" / PORTLAND MERCURY