Sun Blood Stories Releases New Video ‘Misery is Nebulous’


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If you’ve ever seen Sun Blood Stories perform you know that their songs are an expression of underlying feelings, the current vibrating emotions in the air. In their new visual collage ‘Misery is Nebulous‘ they’ve put images to the present ache in society. Created with Tyler Walker, the video combines clips of violence and the facade that is America. This startling juxtaposition sends waves through your body and speaks to the soul – similar to their live performance. Discussing the video, band member Amber Pollard says “these images are reflective of the images that wrote the song and what plays in my head when I’m singing it.”

“Misery is Nebulous has no words because we didn’t have any to express our reaction to the seemingly bottomless well of human sadness. These types of images are the reason this song exists in the first place.” – SUN BLOOD STORIES


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