Bryan Talks About The Death of The Seattle Folk Scene


“The moment for Seattle folk had come—which really meant it was already passing.”

–Bryan John Appleby to CityArts

“Since then, a lot has happened in Seattle and life here is more uncertain than ever. Now I see a music scene that says anything goes and everyone is invited. The spotlight isn’t focused on one genre, instead expanding into a new freedom for creating. In this open moment, artists can pour time, love, energy and careful purpose into their work. Curiosity and exploration are the new standards. Nothing is off limits.

What a relief. I don’t want to live in a city where the flash-pan genre of the moment gets to choose the winners and losers. Audiences should expect music that doesn’t fall neatly into rigid categories. We can count on experiencing something that catches the light in strange ways, an unsettling blend of colors, a swirl of sound. Like walking into a pitch-black room, anything could happen, and not knowing what to expect is thrilling.” READ MORE >>