with King Dude and Brett Neston

Winding dark, atmospheric lyrics with a fierce spiritual bent around elements of vintage folk and
gospel music as well as rootsy rock & roll, Wovenhand was founded by David Eugene Edwards,
formerly the frontman with brooding alt-country act 16 Horsepower. In 2001, 16 Horsepower went on
hiatus, and as the group pondered a new creative direction, Edwards launched Wovenhand, built
around similar musical and thematic frameworks but with a more powerful and personal approach.
Edwards initially formed Wovenhand as a trio with multi-instrumentalist Daniel McMahon and
guitarist Steve Taylor (also a member of 16 Horsepower), though soon the lineup would expand to
include Ordy Garrison on drums and Paul Fonfara on cello. (For live work, Shane Trost subbed for
Fonfara on cello.) Edwards played nearly all the instruments on Wovenhand’s first album in 2002,
released by Glitterhouse in Europe and Sounds Familyre in the United States. In 2003, Edwards
reworked several pieces from the Wovenhand debut for a Belgian dance troupe, and the results
were released on the album Blush Music. For 2004’s Consider the Birds, Wovenhand contrasted
Edwards’ solo material with tracks that featured a full band, while for live shows Wovenhand was a
duo consisting of Edwards and Garrison.

The additional musicians played a larger role on 2006’s Mosaic, the first Wovenhand album after 16
Horsepower officially retired in 2005; the album also saw the departure of Daniel McMahon, and
guitarist Peter van Laerhoven joined the group, while another 16 Horsepower veteran, Pascal
Humbert, signed on as bassist. While Wovenhand initially functioned much like a David Eugene
Edwards solo project, 2008’s Ten Stones found the group sharing songwriting credits for the first
time, as well as recording as a band throughout. Edwards went back to writing the material on his
own for 2010’s The Threshingfloor, and the group supported the album’s release with a handful of
dates opening for Tool. In 2012, Edwards was invited to perform as part of a reunion tour for the
acclaimed Australian alternative rock band Crime & the City Solution, and Alexander Hacke, a
former member of Einstürzende Neubauten who also took part in the CATCS tour, joined Edwards in
the studio to produce Wovenhand’s 2012 release, The Laughing Stalk, which featured Garrison on
drums, Chuck French on guitar, and Gregory Garcia, Jr. on bass. Refractory Obdurate, with
Edwards accompanied by Garrison, French, and new bassist Neil Keener, was released in 2014,
followed in 2016 by Star Treatment, the latter of which was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical
Audio studio with hard-hitting metal producer Sandford Parker. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

In a time when American folk music has lost touch with its bloody roots, King Dude seeks to illuminate
the darkness with sex, death, love, insanity, and Lucifer’s light. Since 2006, his devotional rock ‘n’ roll has
been both the medium and the message; his throaty baritone and devilishly visceral songwriting the tools
he wields to ignite the fiery spirit of revelation in all who encounter him.

Thanks to past releases on Dais, Avant!, Bathetic, Clan Destine, and Ván records, a number of
high-profile festival appearances, and a relentless tour schedule—often alongside the likes of Ghost and
Earth—the silver-tongued singer/songwriter has found an ever-expanding global audience with whom to
share his prophetic vision of hope and salvation: a willing congregation whose raised voices and
stomping feet reliably turn his shows into Luciferian tent revivals.

King Dude is a blue-eyed Mephistopheles with an acoustic guitar; he dresses like Johnny Cash and sings
like he cut in line in front of Robert Johnson at the crossroads. His voice can shift from haunting and
vulnerable to thunderous near-Biblical fury in the space of a breath, marrying the sacred to the profane
with pomp, circumstance, and a curled lip. He sings about death the way he sings about fucking. With
inspiration torn from country, blues, Americana, and British folk (and a background in heavy metal), King
Dude’s raw, hypnotic hymns channel the past while staring straight ahead into a revelatory future.

Boise, ID

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