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White Mystery is brother-sister rock’n’roll duo Miss Alex White & Francis Scott Key White from Chicago. The siblings tour worldwide, earn rave reviews from MTV, VICE, Sound Opinions, Pitchfork – and currently represent the Levi’s #equipped campaign. Their fourth full-length DUBBLE DRAGON is available on double vinyl and iTunes now.

After leaving the great plains to finish her degree in learning about herself amongst the black mold, mason jars, and soggy sweaters of Olympia, WA, Emily Beanblossom made an appropriate decision to start playing the guitar.

Over the next few years she made soap, ran a short lived art space called Mandible Gallery, and played in a slew of Olympia bands (Christmas, Legs the Crab, Karczol, Emily Beanblossom & Her Rising Fawn, Georgy, various other short-lived bastard projects). Amidst her acquisition of feminine knowledge she was called back to her family farm and temporarily abandoned her metropolitan ways, and began conjuring the hollowed noise that would become Ruby Fray. After some friendly prodding from friends, Emily took her laptop demos into Dub Narcotic Studio (already familiar from the Christmas “Namiot” session with Calvin Johnson) and rounded up some musical best friends to help birth a spooky musical child of mysterious gender… Pith (KLP239), a child that at certain angles and in certain light could be called beautiful, but at a different glance cast feelings of despair and remorse. This metaphorical babe was baptized in a Catholic cathedral on the outskirts of a town out of a Poe story.

Then, in a VW Vanagon that was sure to break down any moment, she packed her few belongings, and she and her best friend headed through the salty dusty desert to music capital/ vegan BBQ destination: Austin, Texas. Upon arrival, she sadly let go of her beloved black tights and changed into ill fitting shorts to brave the inescapable Texas summer. The result was, in a phlegmatic haze while clinging to her window unit and noodling on a borrowed guitar, the bare bones of her next album: Grackle is. When she could be convinced to open her door into the convection of devil heat outside, she was lucky enough to meet a handful of creative types who showed her the antidote to summer malaise – swimming holes, and playing music. With insight and influence from these new friends, Grackle was given life.

Grackle [KLP251] is Ruby Fray’s second album, recorded with sound engineer (and microphone guru) Ben Hargett at Dub Narcotic Studio August 2013. Collaborating musicians include Corey Anderson and Dan Levine (both of These are Words, Ghetto Ghouls), Nick Botka (Legs the Crab, Hotegia, Clayface), and Anne Botka on cello.

Emily now spends her time gardening, making soap, playing music with friends, worrying about the future, making margaritas, and swimming. Ruby Fray is currently based out of Austin, TX.




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