“You’ve been at a raging party all night. It’s far too late now, and most people have left. You decide to walk home. You make it into your house and fall onto your bed, but you’re not under the blankets. Your body is tired and needs sleep, but your mind is as energetic and vibrant as when the party was in full-form. You were about to pass out, but you instinctively message a few friends and in a few moments you’re on your way back out the door. Transistor Send is that crucial moment when you’re in your bed, about to call it quits, but decide to go out again and celebrate. At times ambient and quiet with thoughtful, reflective lyrics, their sound will soon speed up to 88 MPH and you’ll find this is dance/house music. But that never lasts too long, and as the music dies back down into wistful, conscience-stricken quiet-pop songs, you can finally start thinking about the next day.” -Taylor Robert Hawkins

Boise, ID

Boise, ID

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