“[Thick Business] may be new to the area, but they are already cementing themselves as a group to never lose sight of in the ever-growing Boise music scene by skillfully dancing the line between playing classic, hard rock ‘n roll jams and haunting indie-pop melodies.”

Sarah Jean’s unmistakably elegant keyboard-driven pop songs, or Sherwood’s thoughtful and rhythmic dance ballads; Virgil has plenty to offer and will, at the very least, steal your attention away from drinking the rest of your sorrow down at the local bar for the night.

Transistor Send is the memories and reflections of Casey Cathey and Zach Sherwood. The style of music can be listed as ambient, electronic, and atmospheric yet remains guitar-driven and guided by vocals with wistful lyrics.

Burn, Wooden Vale! is the realization of experimental Gospel expressions conceived in the minds of Christopher Miller (guitar) and Joseph Miller (lyrics/vocals), lovingly nurtured and delivered by fellow bandmates Nate Berrian (guitar/vocals), Shawn Haverfield (percussion), Shaun King (bass), and Alex Hackett (guitar/trumpet/vocals). Formed August, 2013, the band is most recently preceded by projects Mickey the Jump (Nampa), Love Dogs (PDX), and i am i & You Are You (Alaska). With six members, musical influences are all across the board, while every aspect of the band’s process is informed by experience with other media.


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