with Laika The Dog and Abaasy

We’re The Fall of Troy from Mukilteo, WA.

Laika The Dog started as a studio band in 2015.
We are now performing live and close to finishing our first full length as a 4pc.

Abaasy is a Boise Based Heavy Metal band that consists of five members (Josh Meyer-Vocals, Jevin Winter-Bass, Gabe Hodges-Guitar, Daniel Vasquez-Guitar, and Kevin Tillman-Drums). We are influenced by bands like Pantera, Lamb of God, Suicide Silence, Metallica, Chelsea Grin, and many more! Abaasy is largely driven by the unique sound of mixing many different sub genres and making every song sound different and also energetic, involving live performances. We encourage you to listen to our music and come to our shows because the number goal is to keep the metal scene strong!

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