with Spiritual Warfare & The Greasy Shadows and Lucid Aisle

Sugar Candy Mountain deliver carefully built psychedelic odes in the style of Jacco Gardner and
Tame Impala. Their newest album 666 feels like something unearthed from a box of records
found in your dad’s garage, glowing wistfully with vintage inspired tones rambling organs, fuzzed
out guitars, shimmering keys and sprawling drums. Reiter’s woolly voice croons with icy warmth
of Francoise Hardy, while Halsey’s tender Lennon-esque vocals uncoil with easy languor.
Recorded with Jason Quever of Papercuts, the band’s sophomore album, 666 sits comfortably
between 60’s Laurel Canyon bliss and more modern production of Dave Fridmann (Flaming
Lips/Tame Impala).

SPIRITUAL WARFARE is Joel Marquard. A Scott Walker-wanna-be singing over Indian/Hindi percussion and old Bollywood samples/re-workings. American Pop songs. I found a disc on the bottom of the protool 9 box that said loops. When I put it in the computer, I discovered thousands of actual instruments/percussion recorded and cut so you could loop them in protools. There were also about 50 loops of Indian percussion. Thus began the obsession. I found my new sound. American pop and no typical standard drum kits. In some cases sitar was added. There’s mostly piano, strings, surf guitar and swamp bass. Some of the songs are actual 50s and 60s bollywood songs chopped up and reworked and sung over. I think I’ll do it live with a cassette blasting and me singing over it. wish me luck. I also do the bands Gospel Claws, The Through and Through Gospel Review, and Samuel L Cool J.

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