Secret Drum Band is a percussion and noise ensemble from Portland, OR. Lisa Schonberg started SDB in 2006 in Olympia, WA. Her dreamy yet precise compositions, often based on the soundscapes of specific ecological sites, contrast with the pulsing momentum of pieces co-written with Allan Wilson and Heather Treadway. SDB employs drums, synthesizers, stringed instruments and field recordings to evoke daydreams of bright colors, dynamic movements, and wild places. SDB’s lineup includes Allan Wilson (ex-!!!), Lisa Schonberg (ex-Explode into Colors), Sara Lund (unwound/Nocturnal Habits), Pieter Hilton (Typhoon), Anthony Brisson (Psychomagic), and noise musician Marcus Fischer. DYNAMICS features performances by Heather Treadway (ex-Explode into Colors), Sam Humans (Orquestra Pacifico Tropical), Alison Clarys (Tiburones), Eddie Bond (Psychomagic), Marisa Anderson, Brian Mumford (Dragging an Ox Through Water), Jose Medeles (1939 Ensemble), and Aaron Hartman (Old Time Relijun/Girls in Trouble). SDB has performed in various manifestations all over the U.S. West Coast, including performances at Disjecta, The Quiet Music Festival, The Improvisation Summit of Portland, Henry Gallery at UW Seattle, The Ace Hotel, MOCA Tucson, PMOMA’s Houseguest residency, and events for Tom Tom Magazine, High Desert Test Sites and ESP TV. Schonberg has played with Tara Jane Oneil, John Colpitts, John Niekrasz, Neal Morgan, Tuneyards, Erase Errata, Mirah, and Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and has commissioned work for filmmaker Vanessa Renwick and a 19-drummer performance in New York City.

New Boise band.

Confluence of several genres past and present. living room EDM/IDM. stoner doom metal. analog space jazz. cartoon rock. every performance is improvised, every show is unique.

Songwriter, producer, and actor, Amenta Abioto is on the cutting edge of all that is musical, theatrical, and literary. Her music is boldly mystical and soul-fired, and her raw live performances invoke elements of both theatrical surprise and magic through ancient African diasporic sounds and stories. Weaved into syncopated rhythms and dichotomies of comedic proportions, Amenta surprises and tantalizes audiences with mind bending ideas. She brings to the music scene funky academia while skipping vocally from soul shaking gospel to smooth jazz and then onto hip hop rhythms wrapped in West African beats.

Graduating from Idllywild Art’s Academy in 2010, she trained in musical theatre. Since graduating she has courted the music scene and produced one self-titled EP, Amenta Abioto , and one upcoming album, Opening Flower Hymns. Receiving inspiration from the best-seller work Women Who Run With the Wolves, mythological characterization and cultural stories are reflected in the original works of Amenta Abioto.

Boldly striking in appearance, Amenta brings beauty, charm, and creativity to any stage as an ode to funk. She grabs the audience and they become her musical composition. It is like swimming in an ocean full of dolphins while shouting in a Baptist church. Amenta is a storyteller’s teller, a fantastical north STAR, a High Priestess.

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