with The Artisanals and Ola Sweet

It’s been two years since Roadkill Ghost Choir has taken listeners on a ride. Last trip,
brothers Andrew and Zach Shepard packed the car with high aspirations, a top-notch crew of
musicians and the profound swelter of the South. With the upcoming arrival of False Youth
Etcetera, the brothers have outgrown their roots in a supersonic fashion – exchanging their
broken-down vehicles for an electrified magic carpet ride that soars through the night sky.

Amidst the surprise success of the band’s first record, primary songwriter Andrew was
hardened by his experiences on the road, and under pressure to deliver new songs that
outshined previous releases. It’s no surprise False Youth Etcetera feels like a turn towards the
fantastical, an anthemic escape compared to past output. It’s immediately felt on the band’s
first single, “Classics (Die Young),” which bends beautifully and purposefully in the direction of
synth-pop, and sets the tone for the entire record.

“Going into [the band’s first major release] In Tongues, I was terrified because I had
never written under such a time crunch, and I struggled with writer’s block,” notes Shepard.
“For False Youth Etcetera, it ended up being the first time I didn’t have a timeline. I was able to
navigate what I really wanted to do musically and lyrically. This record is more textural, with
more synth and more interesting experimentation within our sound and genre.”

Shepard is pointed in the departure from their familiar Americana sound, confirming
“there is no banjo” on False Youth Etcetera. This desire to explore new musical terrain was only
bolstered by Shepard’s adoration for similar sonic explorations and artists transcending their
genre to create a unique sound – rooted in influences such as The War On Drugs, Neu! and
Bruce Springsteen. The result is an album that clearly and beautifully delivers the group to a
whole new infectious, cosmic terrain.

Newly formed rock band from Charleston, SC

Boise-based Ola Sweet make no apologies for their love of big loud guitars. “The Thick Sound” is what fans have come to call the analog stew that constitutes the ingredients in Ola Sweet’s vintage-inspired sound that may just be more classic rock than self-proclaimed indie rock. But don’t let their fundamental rock roots lead you to believe their big reverby vocals and fuzz-forward guitar tones are anything less than comfortable in a playlist shuffle next to The Black Keys, The Dig or My Morning Jacket.

Freshly acquainted in 2015, JJ Martinsen (vocals, guitar) and Brandon Wallace (guitar, keys) found themselves on common ground as recent Idaho transplants; leaving former bands behind in Richmond, VA and Seattle, WA, respectively. Martinsen’s classic, soulful vocal style was an immediate click with Wallace’s super-sized overdriven soundscapes. The result is a unique blend of psychedelic indie rock carelessly littered with pop-rich hooks.

Ola Sweet’s debut EP Santiago was recorded over a 5 month span in late 2016 at Luxetone Studios in Boise, and was released on March 3rd, 2017 on cd and MP3.

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