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Quinn DeVeaux spent his early childhood living with his grandmother, a former jazz
singer, twenty-five miles outside of Chicago in Gary, Indiana. The birthplace of the
Jackson 5 had long since slipped into post-industrial economic decline and the ambitious
DeVeaux, while still a teenager, headed west with just a guitar and a golden voice.
Eventually he found his way to San Francisco, CA where he was a founding member of
the Blue Roots, a short-lived but near mythic group that operated out of the Mission
District at the turn of the millennium. Alongside DeVeaux, the group included Lech
Wierzynski and Nansamba Ssensalo, the pair who would go on to form the California
Honeydrops, and bassist Nate Brenner of the Tune-Yards. Quinn would release a string
of well regarded albums in the ensuing years, garnering accolades from the Bay Area
music press and gathering fans on the dance floors at his high energy and “joyous” live
shows. Rock critic Ian S. Port praised DeVeaux for “distill[ing] decades of American
blues, country, soul, and gospel into a funky sound that feels as authentic as it does

Best described as a soundtrack to a Coen Brothers film, LAR searches the dark places of the American experience and then burns it clean with pure gasoline.

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