While art is certainly a form of self-expression, artistic communities tend to gravitate towards styles that fit within the popular pallet. Yet it is those fearless in their dissension that make the deepest mark. It is with that familiarity of the unknown that Tjutjuna have settled in a sound that is both rich in texture, and aural dynamics as well as retaining a respect for the listenerʼs patience. Delicate in both their attack and release, Tjutjunaʼs debut and self-titled album offers listeners moments of discreet levity before striking with fangs. Unwilling to merely satisfy the sonic trajectory which would label their sound as “psych rock”, Tjutjuna proves that in the recesses of a landlocked music scene, four childhood friends can craft something that forces us, as listeners, to demand more from our own tastes and imaginations.

“On Westerner, Tjutjuna’s latest album, it seems as though the band is creating the musical equivalent of a moving sculpture crafted to give the semblance of life. “Mousetrap” is like a psychedelicized Neu! song, but with uncoiling whorls of bright drones and tones, while the pounding, pulsating rhythm of “Heavy Metal Dick” feels like a part of some cunning inside joke. The haunting, ethereal repetition of “Montauk,” meanwhile — particularly the urgent tone near the end — captures an unending sense of isolation. That tune, combined with “Desert Song” and the Aphex Twin-like “Oneironaut,” reveals a band that’s reveling on the outer edges of drone, exploring its possibilities through psychedelic rock freakouts while also absorbing the hypnotic, psychologically healing qualities of ambient music.” – Tom Murphy, Denver Westword

Careening from desert ghost songs to crashing super-fuzz riffs, live shows take on the pulsing communal sweat of a round-the-fire dance rite; albums the feel of ancient alien radio. This intimately pounding brand of garage soul is dirty, sloppy and sexy.

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