New Move is an independent American classic pop quintet from Portland, Oregon, Formed in 2012 by vocalist & songwriter Jesse Bettis. The band’s work blends elements of dark doo-wop, glam, indie rock. New Move is known for presenting a streamline classic pop sound through a distinct modern filter.

Nick Delffs (formerly Death Songs, The Shaky Hands) is creating a divine fusion between Townes Van Zandt and James Brown by means of his own mighty, highly original soul. There is that deep love and physicality of rhythm and syncopation married to the studied lyricism of folk. It is a potent combo — a truly alchemical vision that deserves the world’s utmost attention.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE is Joel Marquard. A Scott Walker-wanna-be singing over Indian/Hindi percussion and old Bollywood samples/re-workings. American Pop songs. I found a disc on the bottom of the protool 9 box that said loops. When I put it in the computer, I discovered thousands of actual instruments/percussion recorded and cut so you could loop them in protools. There were also about 50 loops of Indian percussion. Thus began the obsession. I found my new sound. American pop and no typical standard drum kits. In some cases sitar was added. There’s mostly piano, strings, surf guitar and swamp bass. Some of the songs are actual 50s and 60s bollywood songs chopped up and reworked and sung over. I think I’ll do it live with a cassette blasting and me singing over it. wish me luck. I also do the bands Gospel Claws, The Through and Through Gospel Review, and Samuel L Cool J.

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  • Cover Charge: $5 at the door