Woodsist recording artist MV & EE from Vermont will be visiting Boise for the first time on Sunday, Nov. 11th for a show at The Red Room. They will be joined by new local projects BLURRED VISION and LUCID AISLE.

Doors @ 8pm, Show @ 9pm | 21+

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Matt & Erika’s Child Of Microtones imprint was one of the first labels to fully explode the private press CD-R format back in 1999, combining deluxe packaging with exploratory psychedelia and extended rural glam. MV was the brains and the conceptual clout behind Brattleboro’s legendary Free Folk Fest in 2003, an event that was pretty much ground zero for the contemporary underground and that gathered alla the emergent tribes in the same spot for the first time. But really MV has been a key player since back in the day, with Tower Recordings being a central component of Siltbreeze’s first wave while his editorial duties on the sadly-defunct Cock Displacement buzzed a whole bunch of brains. But it’s his work with partner Erika Elder that has best brought together his various obsessions, minting a recording process known as Spectrasound that exposes the most sidereal aspects of the jam while fusing Dead/Takoma-style improvisations with free jazz, raga, folk and blues in order to mint a visionary take on underground modes. MV is free folk. He’s also a wordsmith par excellence, an inspired writer (check out his first novel, Small As Life & Infinitesimally As Pure), filmmaker, dig his and Erika’s “The Temptation To Zoology” and an active proponent of the up country good life. We’re lucky to have them. —David Keenan

“we love to break traditions”— MV & EE
“the two have largely abandoned overt folk gestures in favor of heavier, more electric space-blues. MV and EE make music that might almost be briefly confused with conventional rock, before it eventually mutates and spirals away as ever into the duo’s own uniquely stylized private solar system.” — Pitchfork

“Freewheeling Vermont duo is a smoky brew of smoldering lead guitar splinters, rollicking country rock specters, and blissed-out mantras” — Ink

New locals Blurred Vision.

New locals Lucid Aisle.