we are a magical duo from cleveland, ohio that began in 2005

Austin TX’s indie rock fivesome, Young Tongue (previously The Baker Family), consists of husband and wife Stu and Liz Baker along with Nathan Ribner, Darryl Schomberg II, and Travis Larrew. Founded in 2014 after six years of performing and releasing music as The Baker Family, the group released the single ‘Cat Calls’ along with three other songs in February, 2014, and plans to debut their freshman album ‘Death Rattle’ in the Summer of 2014.
Young Tongue complicates the earthy momentum of their percussion-driven sound with surprising touches — an airy omnichord melody or a jagged guitar solo. Their sound generally ranges from progressive indie rock to dance-infused dream pop. It’s this range of lightness of sound and force of rhythm that stirs their audiences to dance. Their lyrics move associatively, stringing along images to reveal stories. If a new language is born out of a necessity to communicate, Young Tongue captures that same sense of urgency to expose narrative.
Lead vocalist and guitarist Stu Baker presents a magnetic and mysterious live show. He oscillates between calculated subdued stillness and less-controlled fits that underscore the music’s rawness. Their show highlights the complexity of their drum parts — at times three members playing percussion at once. Liz Baker brings the same lightness and bright energy as her vocals and omnichord parts bring the songs. She moves everywhere, weaving between the other members, connecting them, bringing their music to life. But perhaps the best part of their show is the element of surprise. You never know what strange object will be used as a drum, which instrument Stu will play next, what moment Liz will hop off stage and ask you to dance.

With Child is the music project of Elijah Jensen-Lindsey. He writes songs about love, leaves falling from trees and dying dogs.

His performances are wildly unpredictable, ranging from soft folk ballads to stream-of-conscious noise.

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