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Merchandise have announced details of their new album, A Corpse Wired For Sound, due for release on September 23rd, alongside the video for a second new track, ‘End Of The Week’. Formed nearly a decade ago, galvanized by Tampa hardcore and inspired by its miscreant noise, A Corpse Wired For Sound signals a new chapter for Merchandise.
Following 2014’s After The End — a full-band effort recorded in a closet — the band stripped back to its core of Carson Cox (vocals, electronics), Dave Vassalotti (guitar, electronics) and Pat Brady (bass). The trio travelled to Rosà, Italy for their first ever sessions in a recording studio, La Distilleria, with a local, Maurizio Baggio. The nine-song nocturnal A Corpse Wired For Sound was recorded half in the studio and half at home, in Tampa as well as Cox’s newly adopted bases of New York and Berlin – the culmination of a long-distance collaboration between Cox and Vassalotti.
The album’s metallic title is inspired by a science fiction short story by JG Ballard, but equally sums up the band’s current state of mind. “We were ‘reborn’ as a rock band for After The End,” says Vassalotti, “and then we straight-up died again. It couldn’t last. The result is this distended corpse responding to you from
both sides of the Atlantic, forever singing in spite of everything.” Cox continues further “It’s about the truth of growing up. You can’t take your friends or lovers with you. It’s about finding peace with that loneliness.”
The second song to be aired from A Corpse Wired For Sound, ‘End Of The Week’ is “really about personal reflection and horror,” says Cox, who is responsible for the song’s visuals (he also created the video for lead single ‘Flower Of Sex’). The video is a subliminal homage to Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni and his motion pictures Blow Up and Zabriskie Point. “The smashed mirror isn’t just a symbol of death,” Cox continues. “It’s the broken image of humanity reflecting back at everyone when they read the news. Reality is an unbearable pill to swallow this year. Somehow the evil people that make up society can still wake up everyday and look at themselves in the mirror.”
A Corpse Wired For Sound will be released digitally and on CD and vinyl on September 23rd via

Three psychos that came to be through fate by way of necessity, B Boys offer up to the world their sonic manifesto, No Worry No Mind. A relief from the mania, an expression of duality, an extension of Dadaism.

Born in different times from alternate altered states, these B’s convene on the astral plane, channeling the individual experience and wisdom from their respective points of origin into a singular entity. Abstraction takes a triangular form: vibrant guitar melodies, undulating bass lines, deep swirling grooves. Sounds that transcend a linear timeline, splintering out across multiple spectrums. Interlocking vocals skillfully bob and weave overtop, their mantras resounding. But don’t be fooled, they’re just like anyone else — they put their chinos on one leg at a time.

You’ve got something growing out your neck, my friend. Are you willing to hear its call? Open your Self to the frequencies and let the vibrations illuminate your being.

Lyonsdale is a four-piece Indie Pop team of champions from the flat lands of Idaho. This all started long ago when vocalist Ian and drummer Kaleb became friends in grade school. Having found a mutual love of pop and alternative music, they decided to scrape together the little amount of songwriting knowledge they had at the time and make tunes together. Over the years, they constructed a few different musical acts and went through countless rough draft songs. It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 they discovered their close friend Gabe had taught himself the guitar. After trying to write music as a trio, Lyonsdale was formed.
They immediately headed to the streets of Boise and Nampa, Idaho with a cajon and two guitars while playing their original tunes to create a local buzz. After months of writing, they hit the studio and recorded their debut EP titled “Finger Guns”. It was independently released on iTunes and all streaming services on January 27th, 2017. It was then they recruited longtime friend Peyton to play bass for them to fill their live sound for their upcoming shows. With songs like “Drown” and “There’s Brightness Everywhere”, their love of catchy melodies and tight grooves are very present in their pop-driven alternative songs. Lyonsdale is currently playing shows all over Idaho and are writing more music for their first full length album, which will be released late 2017!

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