“Its insane how many musicians there are out in the world. Just within my metropolis I am constantly finding new and amazing musicians & musical communities all the time…but among them all, few will achieve “rockstar status”. It takes more than talent, it also takes an image and hella perseverance. Cue Light Thieves. These crazy kids are young, full of energy & amp; determined to rock the fuck out of your city. Offering up spacey psych rock with an electro pop feel, you could boogie, or you could just sit back and let your mind soak up all the groovy melodies”

-Oaktown Indie Meyhem

“Hailing from Fresno, Light Thieves’ new record Spirit Homes can only be described as prog-rock gone hyperspeed. Organs and synths abound, backed by a propulsive rhythm section and lead guitar that threatens to rip every song open.”

-Origami Vinyl

“Light Thieves play a cerebral, spacey brand of rock which can go from fast-paced and frenetic to calm and collected with the flip of a switch. Their rhythms are always heady, keeping you on your toes, but they don’t fall into the trap of getting so complex that you can’t follow them. The guitar are frequently coated in phasers, creating an evolving sound that’ll make your head spin. On top of all that, their live shows have an unmatched energy about them. Light Thieves’ tunes are psychedelic without being sluggish, and that in itself is an accomplishment.”

-Gelatinous Blog

you guys play lots of fast notes but it’s not too dudey” -Lori Goldston

Transistor Send is the memories and reflections of Casey Cathey and Zach Sherwood. The style of music can be listed as ambient, electronic, and atmospheric yet remains guitar-driven and guided by vocals with wistful lyrics.

Light Thieves

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